Saudi dunes are a location for adventure—from walking and quad to camping and dunes. Try sandboarding and sand sledding for another unique experience amid the dunes. Like the classic snowboarder and snowshoe, adventure-seekers can board to explore the sands of Saudi Arabia. Snowboarding. Read about how you glide into the dunes of Saudi this winter. Sandboarding, a crossing from snowboarding to surfing, may be seen via the ancient Egyptians, who glide down dunes and transport freight with wooden boards. Sandboarding these days, particularly during the warm winter months, is an amusing technique for seeing Saudi sand dunes.


While Ilocos Norte is famed in the Philippines for its white-sand beaches, it twists the white-sand experience with the wide sand dunes. Those sand dunes are a favorite of daring visitors, covering hundreds of square km through Ilocos Norte! In Ilocos Norte, there are two most popular places for sand dune excursions. One being La Paz Sand Dunes in the capital city of Laoag, the other being Paoay Sand Dunes in the neighboring town of Paoay. Regardless of who you visit, only Ilocos Norte might provide you an exciting experience! The region of Ilocos in the north of the Philippines can sandboard, especially in the province of Ilocos Norte. Near the provincial seat, Laoag, there are several sand dune systems. When your private driver reaches the dune, he’ll slow down from side to side. He teeters on the brink and prepares for an off-road joyride that disrupts the tranquility of the desert. Maybe you’re yelling.

The sandy landscape is continuously changing, created from random sandy mountains. The ideal spot for sandboarding and curling. Balance is important when you sandboard, and fortunately, your cushion is sand!


Wadi Rum is a protected area 720 square kilometers south of Jordan‘s spectacular desert wildness. Great sandstone and granite mountains arise, straight from broad sandy valleys, at 1700 meters above sea level and beyond. Narrow valleys, cracks, and crevices conceal old rock paintings that have been carved for millennia by the desert tribes. Bedouin tribes dwell today between the Rum mountains and a unique feature of the terrain is their big capric tents.

The attractions of Rum are various ways to experience, including jeeping, camel, and walking excursions, and you may stay in Bedouin tents overnight and look out at the incredible variety of stars. Wadi Rum is a big rocky valley in Jordan and one that is the only place ideal for sandboarding. Wadi rum is a valley known as ‘The Moon Valley.’ This is because this huge desert wilderness, unlike other Wadis, consists of rocky regions as well as soft sand dunes, in which you may surf with your board or sled. The Wadi Rum is a historic place and a protected region, therefore don’t risk it alone. Choose a sandboarding adventure trip and inquire where exactly you should be taken.


The red sand dunes of Mui Ne are a great site for tourists to observe local ladies renting sandboards from the sand dunes for you. There are also several persons who sell hot meals, which made little sense to me given the heat-killed everyone on the trip. Sand dunes may not be the first thing you remember when you think of the beautiful landscapes of Vietnam, but in the south, you may enjoy surfing on the amazing red dunes. The seaside town of Mui Ne is formerly a fishing village and has become a tourist beach resort that offers a quick getaway from Ho Chi Minh City’s craziness. Mui Ne provides a lot of peaceful sands, kite surfing, hiking, and two stunning sets of white and red sand dunes and strange fairy streams (Suoi Tien).

The Dashen-e Kavir, which extends between the South and the central region, and the Lut desert and dasht-e-lut, in the South East, UNESCO World Heritage and the world’s hottest sites, in what is the most mysterious location in Iran. Iran has two main desert areas where sand surfing may be performed. Sandboarding in Iran may still be performed at Varzaneh, a historic desert Iranian hamlet in the province of Isfahan, 1.5 hours drive from the city of Isfahan by bus. The sand dunes of Varzaneh are 5-62m high and exceedingly silent, adjacent to the old village of Varzaneh. In all Iranian deserts, the Varzaneh desert has the sandiest dunes and the landscape is amazing. The location is perfect for yoga in Iran, sandboarding, and paragliding.


In the Persian Gulf, the Qatar Peninsula swiftly becomes a desert adventure paradise, with numerous amazing dunes for surfing, dunes, and camel riding. This so-called “Inland Sea” has beautiful sandy slopes overlooking the Arab Sea and is the most popular place for sandboarding. Qatar is also one of the few sites where sandboarding on dunes may be experienced, and just a few of them exist in the whole globe. You can’t miss the pleasure of embarking on a desert safari trip including sandboarding whether you are visiting or residing in Qatar. The settlement of Khawr al-Udayd, on the Persian Gulf in the southeast of Qatar, near the boundary with Saudi Arabia, is located in the municipality of Al-Wakrah. Settled in Khor al Adaid and Khor al-‘Udeid, Khawr al Udayd is the settlement of the Persian Gulf. It’s called the “Inland Sea” for local English speakers. This site is a genuine hidden jewel, with sand dunes that stream into the Arab Sea waters. Make a sandboarding trip with stunning vistas and one of the country’s most beautiful adventure sites. Approximately one hour drive south of Doha is located in Khor Al Adaid.


There is plenty of sandboarding and desert activities in the Indian area of Rajasthan. Visitors visiting India can travel from Jaisalmer, a historic city nestled at the heart of the Rajasthan desert. Other frequent desert locations include Barmer, Jodhpur, and Bikaner. The principal sites where sand dunes may be found are Sam Village, Khuri Village, Ludharwa, Kanoi, and Kuldhara. Rajasthan’s magnificent temples, fortresses, palaces, and rich culture and heritage are world-renowned. But it is also famed throughout the wide stretches of the Great Indian Desert called the Thar Desert for its beautiful sand dunes. Rajasthan’s ripples and sand dunes are one of the most distinctive features. Worldwide visitors visiting Rajasthan experience the excitement of sandboarding, dune bowling, and camel riding.