Vacation is something that everyone likes and makes them happy. Some people like adventure trips and some like calm and peaceful trips. Vacation for people like us these days is much needed to make stress and anxiety away. You can go on 2 or 3 trips at your convenience. After all, it is a moment of happiness more than anything. People take the best location with the sole motive to make happy and blissful moments. In this article, I’ll share the best places to visit in Ukraine.

Moreover whenever you go on vacation with family and friends that is the opportunity you enhance your relationship with them. A vacation offers everyone a break from work with a chance to relax and recharge themselves. Performing various tasks daily can stress anybody. Vacation’s freshness is essential for every human. Many people prefer to travel with their family whereas many travels along with their friend Circle.

I have many favorite places but it’s mostly in Europe. Places like Ukraine, Norway, Amsterdam, Scotland, England. My first vacation after the pandemic was in Ukraine and I was with my boyfriend and his family and the experience was so romantic, blissful, and cheerful. We had to keep so much safer because of pandemic checking and security at the airport and had to do all pandemic process like a cover-up with mask hand gloves and covid test and 14 days quarantine.

It took almost 1.5 months for this vacation. Ukraine has a complicated history but it has made the country stronger. There are beautiful ladies out there in the country tasty food as a foodie I loved food and they have their melodious language and the main thing unforgettable places to hang out and the views are just awesome.

You know Europe has the largest and the amazing places to go but I’m just in love with Ukraine. You as a freelancer a business point is also there to live in Ukraine that is Cheap internet and mobile services, low taxes for entrepreneurs, low food prices, and apartment renting ( excluding Kyiv). So Ukraine is a paradise for freelancers and IT specialists. But let’s come to the point place are unforgettable. It is the poorest country in Europe but affordable for travelers like us.

7 Amazing Ukraine places to visit:

  1. Kyiv – the capital of Ukraine soviet memorials and Kyiv Pechersk lavra
  2. Lviv – the renaissance square and hilltop castle
  3. Uman – the perfect tourist and friendly place
  4. Chernihiv – it is the oldest place in Ukraine and if you love beer its exactly your element city
  5. Odessa – best place for nightclubs first it was held by Greek and Russians were more interest and have an epic history in this city. If you light nightlife or you are an owl this is your spot to have fun
  6. Bukovel – best place ski diving this luxury ski resort is just a breath-taking place.
  7. Chernivtsi- best place for historical and cultural importance

Traveling makes me the wanderer and I feel like an exotic person.  Traveling is an addiction to me with this experience because I had my loved ones with me and soon I’ll travel to another place with my family. 

Places like European countries need a tourist guide because to show new places and narrate cities’ history and to make us understand every country’s language.