Haunted places are always mysterious and kindle a lot of interest for youngsters specifically to visit these places physically or to at least read about those places. Few people read about haunted places to get to know the mysteries and share them with their friends or buddies to play around them and also to strike an interesting conversation with them. Nowadays haunted places setup is being erected in tourist attraction places like malls or city centres to pull crowds and give them the experience of being inside a haunted place. Many event organization companies spend a lot of money in setting up this and earn a lot of revenue from this. They term it as a Scary house and also have multiple types of setups within it, allowing the customers to choose the type of haunted place they would like to visit. The United States of America being the strongest country in the world is famous for its technology innovations and its GDP growth, though on the other side it has a lot of haunted places than any other country. The United States of America being one of the largest sized countries houses a very limited population due to its strict immigration laws set off late. In America, Texas houses the most haunted places than any other state. There are more than 10 haunted places in Texas, but the most prominent 8 haunted places in Texas would be briefed below.

Most haunted places in Texas:

Alamo which is in San Antonio is one of the scariest places in Texas, as it is said to have many angered spirits roaming in the building and people have complained to have seen the footsteps of a little blonde-haired boy ghost. But going back in time, there was a war in 1836 between the Mexicans and Americans to attain Texas independence in which more than 1000 people were killed in the war.
The second is Screaming bridge at Arlington Texas which is another haunted place in Texas. In 1994 two cars with a bunch of youngsters collided head-on causing the cars to catch fire, thereby killing all the people who had travelled in both the cars. The car after getting fired fell into the river and sunk which was not retrievable later. Folks have complained to have seen the date of birth and name of the dead youngsters flashing on the river at times. This bridge is now closed for vehicle commute and only allowed for people to walk on foot. Few people also get there to do some paranormal research activities.
Six flags over Texas are also a haunted place, where people are said to have seen the spirit of a young girl named Amy who died in 1900. There is a yellow house in that place, where the young girl died. Lights go On and Off at that house giving nightmares for the trespassers.
Lost Cemetery of Infants was a redemption home for all single mothers to redeem their life and achieve their future goals. The home was started with that purpose, but later by 1935 turned into an orphanage. Individuals have seen shadows of figures and some unusual noises making people afraid.

Gran bury Opera house is a haunted place in Texas where people say that it’s completely polluted by ghosts. At night times, people could see shadow images of multiple-sized human figures making unusual spooky noises. So, this place had been made a restricted area by the US government later on.
Next is Light of Saratoga is another scariest place in Texas where one can always see lights flashing on and off at night times. It is believed that a worker wearing a hat lost his life at this place in a train accident sometime back. The spirit of the dead man is believed to be wandering at this place looking for the hat missed in the event of the accident.
Excelsior house is the oldest hostel in east Texas as per the registration records available with the United States of America government. A ghost image of a headless man along with a woman in black holding a baby is being reportedly seen by multiple people in this hotel. Once, a famous feature film director Stephen Spielberg stayed in this hostel and he also managed to see the same ghost image as others reported. He then later made a movie named ” Haunted House” with the experience he underwent during his stay in this hotel.
Houston Zoo had a great zookeeper earlier named Han Nagel who was later killed by a tiger residing in that zoo. People still believe that Han Nagel’s spirit lives with the animals there because he had a profound love for the animals he tamed in this zoo. Humans even now state that they could hear his voice and his ghost images during nights and this became a sensation later, which was even broadcast on top TV news channels.

There is neither proof that there is a ghost nor the proof to prove that there is life after death. Few believe that it’s true, where few don’t and think it to be an illusion to believe ghosts. Whatsoever even the bible says that ghosts do exist, which is the evil spirit causing hindrance to Jesus’s blessing to be showered on us. So, the best way to tackle the fear of getting of haunted places or believing these facts is to believe in Jesus Christ and his words. These kinds of haunted places are not a nightmare for small children alone, it gives spine chills to strong and brave adults as well. So, from childhood, children must be taught to be bold on how to handle these types of mysterious situations in life. As simple as to say, when one is strong at heart, one could even move mountains.