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India VIX 

The Volatility Index is a measure of the market’s anticipation of near-term volatility. Volatility is defined as the “rate and magnitude of price movements” and is sometimes referred to as risk in finance. Based on the order book of the underlying index options, the Volatility…

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Fiat Money 

Fiat money is a currency (a means of exchange) that has been declared legal tender by the government. Fiat money has no intrinsic value and has no utility value. It only has value because a government supports it, or because parties involved in a transaction…

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Mutual Funds Vs Equity 

Difference & Which one is less risky and more profitable? In recent days there is a tremendous increase in the awareness regarding investment. For investing there are so many ways such as equity, bond, stock, mutual funds, fixed deposits etc,. Mutual funds seems like involving more risk only…