How to cook kuzhi mandhi at home || Full recipe of Arabian mandi

Arabian chicken foods are always famous among Indian people, kuzhi mandhi is also one of the delicious Arabian chicken recipes. kuzhi Mandi is famously cooked in South India, specially in Kerala and Tamilnadu. this is a spicy recipe with many styles of cooking. this makes it unique from others. kuzhi Mandi got its name due to its traditional method of preparing it. traditionally it is cooked in a specially made underground pit which works like a stove. the word ”kuzhi ”means a deep pit in which this this has to be cooked. the ”mandi’ means ” soft meat”. if you are also looking for a perfect non vegetarian dinner option then you must try this recipe.


kuzhi mandhi dish

Mandi is a delicious combination of Chicken, Rice as well as spices.

1 plate of kuzhi Mandi serve two persons easily. let’s check the ingredients and cooking style of this Arabian dish.


  • ~ 1 kg chicken
  • ~ 4 onions chopped
  • ~ 2 tomato, three green Chillies
  • ~ tablespoon garlic paste
  • ~ 3 cups water
  • ~ 4 cups basmati rice
  • ~ salt according to taste, 3 tbsp butter
  • ~ 4 cinnamon stick[ dalchini], 5 bay leaves
  • ~3 cardamom, 4 cloves [laung]
ingredients for Spice powder
dry ginger powder, nutmeg powder black peppermint, elaichi, laung, tej patta

masala powder


steps to cook Mandi chicken at home

  1. 1. first add oil in a saucepan and heat it for 2-3 minutes

  2. 2. now add chopped onions and star till translucent. in the softened onions mix ginger paste garlic paste

  3. further, add cardamom ,cloves, black pepper and mix them
  4. 4. green tomato + green chillies in a mixer. added to a saucepan.

  5. 5.when oil begin to separate , add the major ingredient that is chicken. Now add four cups of water+ Spice powder. cover the pan. let it cook for approximately 20 minutes. after 20 turn off the gas.

  6. 6. in a Bowl mix chicken and Spice powder. keep it aside for next step

  7. 7. now preheat the oven 200 degree centigrade. remove the chicken from pen to a baking tray and brush it with mixture of Spice powder plus butter

  8. 8. now bake the chicken for half an hour

9. after half an hour chicken [mandhi]is ready

cooking rice

~ first of all boss and show good quality basmati rice in a container. bring 4 to 5 cups of water to boil in a saucepan. now add 4 cups of rice, stir well to break up clumps of rice.

~ fix a timer of 15 minutes. when the timer rings turn off the burner. remove the pan from heat wait for 5 minutes more. let the steam finish out itself

~ add this pan roasted rice to chicken [mandhi]


** now both chicken as well as rice are done so, place the chicken over rice.

to add extra taste to kuzhi Mandi– heat the chicken lightened charcoal for 7 to 8 minutes to get Smoky flavour .

serve the tasty dish


*~ traditional method of cooking kuzhi mandi

biryani is considered as older cousin of Mandi chicken. images of South India this dish is cooked by heating the meat in a pit for 4 hours. premium quality of rice is served with it.

**~ reason behind increasing popularity of this dish– kuzhi Mandi is popular due to its unique styles of making it. unlike other chicken dishes [ Biryani], Less spices and oil are used to prepare Mandi that’s why it becomes delicious and healthy.


non marianated MEAT
cooking in pit[kuzhi]