The world has evolved a lot now, in earlier days people used to talk live or physically to interact with each other. Also, to get to know about one’s current status, they would need to converse with them to know it. Nowadays in this digital era, everything can be known and learnt at the comfort of our home. With the internet, we can get to interact with our friends & families and also make acquaintances, date someone, get married to someone and whatnot. That is the power of the internet. Social media ranks top in the usage purpose of the internet. The most trending apps are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and YouTube, all of which are owned by the Facebook group now. Facebook and Instagram remains the undisputed leaders when it comes to social media, one can confirm this with the number of downloads it has in google store and apple store. Download facebook and Instagram is no hardship, it’s just a single click away, from your laptop, mobile, tablet or whatever device. The apps are very user friendly as well and very secure by the way.

New Features of Facebook and Instagram:

The recent feature update in Facebook and Instagram is the story feature, by which one can update their live status, post memorable moments and other stuffs, which will be available online for viewership for 24 hours from the time of posting. After which the story gets disappeared, but Instagram has an added feature to add the stories permanently to one’s profile and make it available for view all the time. Facebook stories don’t have this feature though. The first thing most of us do nowadays after waking up from our sleep in the morning, is to check our phone updates. The primary apps which people stalk on is the Facebook and Instagram stories. This was researched from a survey conducted by a top university in United States of America. In these story posts, 50% would be their own personal stuffs and other part can be some common posts. People would like to re-share few posts, if they like it, but Facebook nor Instagram doesn’t give that option to download one’s personal story post. This is when the third-party developers come into picture. For downloading the Facebook stories, there is a very easy way of doing it. It is by the not so popular “Download Story for Facebook” app which isn’t rated too good in the app store, but it very much solves the purpose. We could just download it in our device from app store and login with our Facebook credentials. Once doing, we could see all the active story posts of our friends, both video and photo posts. Efficiently, both the photo and video posts are available for downloads with ease to one’s local drive of the device. With downloading it, they can post it in their desired social media platform, as simple as that.

Now coming to Instagram stories, there are various apps and online free sites to download it. But one of the reliable third-party free sites to securely download our friend’s or any public posts is by using the website “”. It gives super comfort way to download the Instagram stories. This is how we do it, we would need to note down the profile name of whom’s story we intend to download. We would need to enter the profile name in the search box and have the profile opened. Now the available options are Reels, Stories and Posts, one could select the intended option and have it downloaded to their local drive. Having said that its downloaded, one could easily post in any social media platform as one desires for. With the emerge of these third party sites and apps, we are able to do things with ease. A great kudos to all the underrated software app developers who work tirelessly on making our tasks easier. Facebook story is not as trending as Instagram stories because not all celebrities have their presence in Facebook, but in Instagram. So when it comes to story posts, Instagram wins it single handedly.

This is not the end; we are going to witness a lot of these kind of different social media platforms in the upcoming years developed by our fellow proficient software engineers. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning plays a major role in bringing all these dream projects into reality. With these technologies, nothing is going to be impossible in mankind. Nowadays social media have gone a step further by promoting and posting job opportunities as well, by which one’s career gets shaped. So social media such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are no more the platforms only for entertainment, they have become more than that and will be becoming even more powerful in the coming years. With phone in everyone’s hand, we must make use of all this latest development to our strengths and grow ourself, also make our community grow. True growth is not self-growth alone, it is about growing and creating a better present and future for our community. Old age people are no behind us, they have started to learn using all the latest apps and showing keen interest and enthusiasm in learning it. It is so great to see that all are stepping up to move forward with the emerging technology. 50 years from now, it’s going to be drastic, Facebook and Instagram would definitely be playing a major role in bringing about the change. One may think, what kind of change can a social media platform bring in, no, the answer is it is more powerful than you can even think of. Social media apps like Facebook and Instagram gives the right to every individual to show their voice to this society, few may use it in a destructive way, but it isn’t going to impact much. As there are millions of individuals who are using it in a very dignified and constructive way. Last but not the least, don’t take social media for granted.