It is a compound present in the body as a neurotransmitter and precursor of other substances including adrenaline. Sometimes it is also called a chemical messenger. Dopamine plays role in how we feel pleasure. In addition to our mood dopamine also affects movement memory and focus. It controls both responses that are mental and emotional, also motor reactions. Dopamine is responsible for our happy mood.


Several factors are responsible for the lack of dopamine in our human body like obesity, stress, lack of sleep, drug abuse, etc. dopamine deficiency is linked to neuron degenerative conditions of the body.

When someone is attracted to someone else in physical terms it is the activeness of dopamine in the body of a person. There is an increase in serotonin and oxytocin are produced. Hormones increase the level of dopamine and reduce the pain of perception, which also helps in the increase of emotional connection of people who are attracted to each other.

Dopamine plays an important role in chemical brain messenger that has many brain-related functions. 


The best 10 ways to have increased in dopamine levels are:-

1. Eat lots of protein and eat it properly to get energetic. Tyrosine is an amino acid that plays important role in the production of dopamine. Food like beef chicken legumes turkey and eggs are the best example of rich-in-proteins.

2. Consume probiotics because the gut feeling which we call human intuition is closely linked with the brain. Probiotic food like soft cheese yogurt miso soup and kefir helps in digestion, also reduces stress and depression, and promotes a healthy heart to be safe.

3. Velvet beans are very helpful as they will surely help you to increase in dopamine level in the body but we should eat in specific amounts because they are highly toxic. Before consuming it please consult a doctor.

4. Daily basis workout is helpful. Whatever you need to do for your exercise is a must for a healthy body, mentally and emotionally which keeps you happy. Exercise can be any part of daily routine like walking running going to the gym swimming dancing doing yoga and aerobics as well.

5. Get enough sleep straight for 8 hours. 8-hour sleep is necessary for the human body because resting will help to get away will all day tiredness. For enough sleep please do avoid caffeine.

6. Have a proper amount of water. I think 12 glasses of water is a must every day for the human body.

7. Yoga is a pure form of meditation in which you practice clearing your mind and focus on thoughts that are important only. Meditation is a step to self-love and a step ahead to happiness which will help you increase of dopamine level of the body.

8. Get enough sunlight in which sunshine exposure can lead to a reduced level of mood which inversely helps in a mood-boosting environment.

9. Proper intake of supplements like iron niacin foliate and vitamins B6 food sources like tofu, chickpeas, beef liver, chicken breast, etc.10. Avoid large quantities of saturated fat like butter animal fat palm oil or coconut oil, etc.


Being happy promotes a good habit for overall health. They stay fit in all aspects of healthy likely mental health, physical health, or emotional health. Being happy and stress-free can cause a strong immune system and reduce all risks of harmful diseases like cancer or diabetes etc.