Hair color and a change of hair colors are something we all love nowadays!! But the question is what if it fades away Sonner? What are the ways to prevent this from happening?

Well, you are at the right place then!! Today we are going to answer this supper frequent question with some simple tricks and tips!!😉


1. Do not wash your hair immediately after shampooing

After applying the color, it is always advised to wait for at least 24 to 48hrs before washing your hair.

This is done to let the color dye set in properly which avoids its fading sooner!

2. Avoid using super-hot water

Washing hair using hot water is not only harmful to the hair but also causes in fading the hair color sooner! It is always advised to wash your hair with cold water!

3. Change products for good

Most peoples have/use products that contain certain chemicals that could harm o damage one’s hair!

Also, these products could lead to hair color fading sooner!

4. Sperate out shampoo days

Use a shampoo or conditioner that goes with your hair color product.

This helps in long-lasting hair color.

5. Avoid dandruff/clarifying shampoos

Some shampoos lead to change the hair color into orange which is harmful and also leads to fading of one’s hair color.

6. Specify places of hair

Not all but some specific areas must be washed thoroughly during wash, like the mid area of the scalp.

Use of shampoo only on that specific area is recordable to avoid loss/fade of hair color.

7. Choose a proper conditioner

The choice of conditioner is equally imped as it also decides on how long your hair color would stay.

8. A big no-no to heat

Heat is always and has been always been the enemy for fading of hair color loss

9.Don’t take often dips in pools

Pool water contains chlorine which damages and also leads to fading of hair color.