There is always quite a big war on whether Android is best or an IOS. People all over the world love this sensational war. But when it comes to changing your phone from an Android to IOS or vice versa, it becomes a big challenge for both phone users. It is because Android and IOS have a different operating systems. The user who shifts from Android to IOS or iPhone faces non-identical features and settings. Some take time to fit in that operating system while others grab it in a go.
Most of the app conveniently can restore app data sync in the cloud. While the famous messaging app WhatsApp cannot transfer its data along with chat and media when moving from Android to IOS and vice versa

It is because Android and IOS have different backup systems. Android uses Google drive to save the data. Whereas, IOS uses iCloud to back up the data. That makes it impossible to sync WhatsApp data across Android and IOS.
WhatsApp has directly made it impossible to transfer your media from Android to IOS and vice versa. However, there is good news for you!
By timely doing a backup of your WhatsApp messages on your Android phone, you can always restore your data and transfer it to your iPhone using a secured third-party WhatsApp transfer tool.

Below are some effective methods to transfer your WhatsApp data from Android to IOS-

Method 1- Mobitrix WhatsApp transfer

When you shift your old Android phone to IOS, you want that – all your files like images, videos, documents, contact, and everything else transfer conveniently. But apart from that, you want your WhatsApp messages and data to get transferred without any obstacles.

Important note– Always do a backup of your WhatsApp chat, so that you don’t lose them in the future.

And to transfer WhatsApp data hassle-free, there is a third-party tool name mobitrix WhatsApp transfer.
Following are the steps to guide you transfer all your chats and media from Android to IOS-
Step 1– Install the mobitrix WhatsApp transfer app on your computer or PC. Using a USB cable, connect both Android and iPhone to your PC.
Step 2– in the next step, make sure that your Android device on the screen is the ‘Source’, and the iPhone is the ‘destination’ device.
Step 3– click on the transfer button on your computer screen, and mobitrix will start transferring all your WhatsApp data to iPhone with a single click.
Keep in mind- Always keep both your phones connected to the computer until the transfer gets completed. In case you remove any of your connected devices, the transfer will not get complete. Once the transfer is completed, you can see that all the WhatsApp data from Android phones has been transferred to your iPhone.
This mobitrix method is easy and hassle-free to share all your data safely and privately to another device.
Mobitrix WhatsApp transfer tool is 100% safe and protects privacy. It supports thousands of Android and IOS devices and is a trusted, recommended, and high-rated tool.

Method 2- iCareFone

iCareFone is a fast and free-to-use tool. You do not need the internet to get access to transferring your WhatsApp data.
Step 1– install iCareFone on your computer and connect both your devices with your PC.
Step 2– choose WhatsApp and click transfer to continue.
Step 3– the program starts to do the WhatsApp backup and verify the account in your Android phone.
Step 4– next, generate and restore your data to your iPhone.
Step 5– the procedure ends here. You can see that the tool has transferred all your Android WhatsApp data to the iPhone successfully.
Note – Do not use your iPhone during the whole process.
The iCareFone app does not let users spend a lot of time sharing the files as it is quick and efficient and saves your time. Another feature of iCareFone is that it has a no-cost backup facility. It is easy to use the tool. There are no complex buttons, and people of any age group can use them easily.

Method 3- Mobile Trans

Now, as we have mentioned above how you can use the tool mobitrix and iCareFone to transfer your WhatsApp data safely from Android to IOS. Here we have another tool named Mobile Trans, which is made by wondershare for transferring WhatsApp data from Android to IOS.
Step 1– download, install and launch the Mobile Trans tool on your PC and connect both the devices to your computer.
Step 2– now, click on transfer WhatsApp message from the side menu toolbar.
Step 3– you can now choose which device is your source and which is the destination device. You can click on ‘flip’ and change the position of your devices.
Step 4– once the transfer gets completed, you will get the notifications, to safely remove both your devices.

Email is yet another way through which you can transfer your data from Android to iPhone.

Step 1– select the chat you want to send on your iPhone.
Step 2– Now settings> more> export chat > email.
Step 3– enter the email address, and send the chats. Then access the data on your new IOS phone.
This process is quite a time-taking as you have to send the file one after another.
Now, you know about four different methods to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to IOS, you can simply switch to your new iPhone. It is easy to use these tools. Along with this, they are safe and protect the privacy of their users. No matter which method you choose to transfer your data, you should do it today itself. Let’s keep all your memories safe and secure with you.