Historical terms Illuminati and Bavarian Illuminati are used interchangeably. An international secret society that ran from 1776 to 1785 is known as The Order of the Golden Fleece. He was committed to Enlightenment ideals and actively sought to promote them among elites. Adam Weishaupt founded the organisation. The purpose of Adam Weishaupt’s philanthropy and secular values education was so that Illuminati members could influence political decisions when they gained power. They started out with a few people, but their goal was to take over the world.

Karl Theodor of Bavaria banned secret societies such as the Illuminati in 1785. Penalties were imposed on anyone who affiliated with one or more of these groups. Most historians concluded this was the end of the Illuminati because most of their secrets were exposed.

One government would rule the entirety of the planet under the “New World“. Most Americans believe in the Illuminati and the New World, according to a 2016 survey. Many conservatives are unhappy with the degree to which the federal government is involved in their private affairs, which suggests they are linked to libertarian ideology. Illuminati theories differ, but most agree that government officials and celebrities in some capacity are part of it. On websites like www.illuminatiofficial.org and on the conspiracy theory section of YouTube, information about the Illuminati is prominent. Despite few believing in the Illuminati, the theory has gained widespread popularity today. In addition to its extraordinary claims, this theory is extraordinarily contrary to everything we currently know about our world. In America, especially, the government is safeguarded against authoritarian behaviour. Our country is founded on the idea of freedom for everyone, not a gaggle of people who will control everything.

Illuminati proponents use a variety of evidence to support their claims. People believe certain symbols found on US currency, such as the Eye of Horus and the pyramid, are evidence that a certain company/organisation is a member of the Illuminati. Supporters further point to the fact that cops have become more heavily armed than ever before, as evidence of police militarization. Our citizens would need to be regulated under a replacement world. Another claim suggests the Illuminati “kills celebrities and replaces them with clones” to brainwash society. Some celebrities are shown in video footage “glitching” or looking confused, allegedly proving these claims.

The existence of the Illuminati is in question based on a number of evidences. Illuminati existence cannot be tested, however. As well, many of us have wondered why a society that claims to be so secretive would give out numerous indications of its existence. They had a primary goal of covering their existence if the society were real. They might be better off erasing all videos and content on the Illuminati online, and not presenting any proof to the world. YouTube provides a number of videos that discuss Illuminati conspiracies. Also, in our society, it is very crucial to have the capability of making money by whatever means necessary. Those who are skeptical claim that if the content includes Illuminati symbolism they will be considered heretics. People love to talk about conspiracies, so it will help them gain popularity. The inclusion of this material by influencers may falsify at least a few of the claims made by the Illuminati in their content.

Illuminati conspiracy theories are incredibly popular today regardless of whether you believe in them or not. These beliefs reinforce stereotypical beliefs that Jews control the planet and create a sense of fear and panic to think an authoritarian government in the future will rule us all. This conspiracy theory could be seen as more holistic if psychology explains assumptions, logic errors, stereotypes, and herd mentality. Educating people to think critically about unverified conspiracy theories and analysing our environment more scientifically will be possible if we understand why people hold this belief and how it is maintained psychologically.