Instagram is a popular social media network that everyone is using, whether they are A-list celebrities, multi-national corporations, or solo entrepreneurs. As of 2021, it has 1.074 billion active monthly members, making it the third most popular social media network with 1 billion users behind Facebook (2.85 billion) and YouTube (2 billion). It is also true that the platform appears to be more saturated now, i.e., reach, engagement , and attention on Instagram are more difficult to get and maintain than they were 9 years ago. This is an excellent chance for us content marketers and bloggers to discuss social media management tools and techniques that can assist you in sorting things out.

1. Employ Quotes from Influencers

You’ve probably seen Instagram accounts that share random quotations. Most of the time, these aren’t quotations from influencers. Instead, they have casually penned words by Instagrammers, and there is nothing wrong with that as long as they do not include anyone else’s name.

What is the purpose of utilizing social media? Quotes from influencers give credibility and social evidence since most people know who the influencer is. However, there is more to this than just penning a quote and sharing it on Instagram. When using an influencer’s quote, keep the following in mind:

~ If you wish to use an influencer’s quotes, don’t rely on others’ citations; instead, read his/her blog post, video, or book.

~ Keep the reference from where the quotation was derived since you may be asked where you got it. It’s also a good idea to provide the source if requested.

~The design of your Instagram post must be of the highest quality since it makes a significant impact when the Instagram feed stands out.

~ Tag the influencer in the post so they know you’re promoting them and giving them visibility without expecting anything in return. It begins to establish contact with the influencers.

Founder understands how to leverage quotations from influencers on Instagram. They are not only producing more content on Instagram utilizing quotations from influencers, but they are also doing it correctly. That is, they are creating the content properly, labeling the influencers, and providing the influencers visibility. You may use the Pocket app to keep track of the material and use tags to collect all of the stuff from an influencer. One of the main reasons why influencer quotes perform so well on Instagram is how the message is used. The design, typography, and language all play a significant part in the success of this strategy. So don’t be afraid to include quotations from your favorite influencers.

2. Participate in conversations with other Instagram accounts

Instagram considers things like which posts you like and which stories you watch regularly. The more active you are on other people’s material, the more likely it is that your own stuff will appear in people’s feeds.

A word of caution: Instagram has been cracking down on accounts that like, comment, and follow via third-party applications. So, in order to maintain authenticity, perform these steps manually.

Take the time to react to every comment, direct message, and share. If a follower comments on one of your posts, react to them, even if it’s only to say “Thank you.” People are far more inclined to connect with your brand again if they are rewarded with recognition.

3. Make good use of hashtags

There is some disagreement about whether businesses should hide hashtags at the bottom of their captions or in the comments area.

We’ve always preferred hiding them in the initial remark, but owing to our experiences with AgoraPulse, we’re progressively altering our thoughts (our go-to social media data aggregator).

Ones with hashtags in the caption performed better than posts with hashtags in the comments. Accounts with 100,000 followers or fewer have a better reach rate when hashtags are included in the description. You could also consider developing a branded hashtag. Two things will happen if you create a hashtag that is distinctive to your brand:

You will raise brand awareness.

It will be easier for you to locate user-generated material to share, as we shall discuss in the next section.

4. Start a conversation in the comments section

Most influencers do not appear in the comments area to interact with their fans. Although the majority of people read the comments, just a few take the time to respond to them. I’ve found that when new individuals appear on any social media network, the first thing they do is cease replying to their admirers, which is horrible. There is a tremendous possibility for development in the comments; commenting on Instagram improves engagement on the account. When a platform detects an increase in interaction on a certain account’s postings, it begins to elevate that account. It’s easy to see why: a social media network needs accounts that keep users on their platforms. As a result, they expand the organic reach of the accounts in order to draw more attention to the platform.

So beginning dialogues in the comments is a wonderful way to not only start the engagement process on the platform but also to interact with the followers.

5. Monitor the Success of Your Content

While creating content is necessary to begin the engagement process, maintaining track of data can help you develop on any social media site. The reason you should measure content performance is that it provides insight into content performance, allowing you to move forward with your content strategy.

Instagram content strategy refers to the planning of content for creation and publication on Instagram. When creating an Instagram content strategy, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

~ Content Specialization

If you want to target the business and entrepreneurship sector, landscape photography won’t help you much until you include motivational phrases and inspirational captions with your photos. Learn about your niche and then produce content around it.

~ Audience Type

Once you’ve decided on a niche, you’ll need to decide on the sort of audience you want to reach out to. For example, fitness may be a specialty, but there may be several sectors within that niche. You may either target those who want to gain weight or people who want to reduce weight. The more you know about your target demographic, the more you can tailor your Instagram posts.

~ Engagement Strategies

The more your content engages the audience, the greater your platform reach. Spend at least half of your entire content development time on content discovery. Search for hot subjects and popular material throughout the world before you begin creating one, and your engagement will be organically high. People have been creating content that gives a solution to the audience since the Google upgrade in 2020. To improve Instagram engagement, try to use as many engagement techniques as feasible. For example, respond to comments, like other people’s comments on your content, remark on other people’s stuff, and participate in DM. When you begin to pay attention to these Instagram content features, you will see an increase in your account’s reach, likes, and followers. But it won’t happen overnight. What you should do is monitor your Instagram insights. To enable the insights function on your account, you must first switch from a personal to a business account.