The whatsapp catalog is used and created by businessmen who provide their services or promote their products. Your catalog is displayed on the business profile. Every product or service has a specified description like price, website link, and product code. Owners can put up to 500 products and services in their Catalog profile.

This feature allows current and potential customers/buyers to browse through the profile so that consumers/buyers could connect to business. Consumers/buyers can choose any service or product of their own choice, and even can share the link with friends and family. Small business can also promote their business through the catalog and could reach their potential customers, catalog can be shared by links anywhere through social media platforms.


  • 1. Open Business WhatsApp go to the more option.
  • 2. Click settings then go to the business tools.
  • 3. Press catalog option.
  • 4. Select the green color icon and then add images.
  • 5. Tap Gallery to upload pictures. You can upload 10 images.
  • 6. Provide product/service name.
  • 7. Then Save.


Whatsapp web is used for sending and receiving messages online on your desktop pc or tablet. It is a browser-based client of WhatsApp. You can easily access the same account on two devices. The functions of the WhatsApp web are the same as those of the WhatsApp app in android or iOS.

All messages on your WhatsApp are synced across other devices. Facebook was buying WhatsApp $16 million in stock and cash, WhatsApp has been the top driver for smartphone penetration in India. These features of WhatsApp like voice notes, video calls, group video calls, and nowadays even payment mode has been appearing because many people do business. WhatsApp is clearly on the lead in messaging in India.

People use Whatsapp for many reasons like online class groups, college groups, study groups, hangout groups. In this article, I have taken the business as an example of WhatsApp use. India adopted technology in 2008. Whatsapp globally launched in 2009 and India, came in early 2010. The growth rate of WhatsApp in 2009-10 was 10.3% in India. India has vastly adopted WhatsApp.

As we are talking about catalog feature, many people are using it to manage their business. Nowadays, everything is online and easy to get. WhatsApp has no advertisement or subscription fee. It’s free to use.

Catalog management plays an important function in e-commerce, especially when the business solely runs on WhatsApp. The catalog feature allows both suppliers and buyers to promote products. The catalog has made it easier for merchants to trade anywhere and anytime.