Sushi is a traditional food found in the 8th century in South East Asia first. Sushi was first eaten with rice and raw fish and no other extra add-ons. The dish was liked by many and got popular back then and later got spread to various parts of the world. It then was introduced in China and then it finally made its way to Japan. Now Sushi is the traditional food in Japan and by this food, Japan has got an identity. Now the legacy of Sushi is still alive in this 21st century across the globe in various countries eaten by various traits of people. Right from the United States of America to the lower bottom third-tier countries, Sushi serving Japanese restaurants is available.

Though the taste would defer from country to country, it is available in restaurants across the globe for consumption. People throng in huge numbers to taste this Sushi food, to taste its flavor, and also to feel proud and honored to try the food of the 8th century. People eat Sushi food for various other health reasons as well, apart from its traditionality. Though Sushi is being prepared by all types of chefs across the globe, still in Japan, only renowned chefs carrying multiple years of experience are only allowed to make Sushi food. Sushi is considered an art of cooking that takes years to master for chefs. Along with Sushi, green tea is a mandatory thing to be served in a Japanese restaurant as the first thing.

How is Sushi made:

There are various types of Sushi namely Nigiri, Sashimi, and Maki. Each type of Sushi is made in its style, staying unique from each other. Nigiri is usually served as a raw fish along with Sushi rice, it can be white, brown, or vinegared rice. Sashimi is raw fish or shellfish served alone with no rice in it. Maki is served as rice and filling served along with seaweeds. One can choose the type of Sushi as per their wish and also can customize the toppings and stuffing’s as per their desire. Sushi is usually had with side dishes like Soy sauce, wasabi, etc. Eating with a side dish gives them a better taste. As cooking sushi is an art and the chefs undergo rigorous training post long years of experience, the food is very costly in all parts of the world. It’s hard to find Sushi at a lower price, due to its popularity and demand. Many types of fish, prawns, and vegetables are being used and customized as per the customer’s demand. Fishes like Tuna, Salmon, and prawns like tiger prawns, black tiger shrimps are being used for this purpose. When it comes to vegetables, there are no restrictions, almost all kinds of vegetables are used in Sushi, depending on the restaurant’s geographic location and the taste of that region’s people. Also, ginger pickle-like stuff will be consumed when trying different types of Sushi. to get rid of the first taste and be ready for the later one’s taste. Also, the taste breaker differs from place to place, not all places serve ginger-like pickles.

The most important part of eating Sushi is that it should be consumed in a single bite. It shouldn’t be taken as a half bite or cutting it by half and having it. It doesn’t work that way; Sushi is meant to be eaten in a single bite and the size is also in such a way for easy consumption for everybody. Sushi is usually small, nutritious, and aids in dieting. It is one of the most hyped foods all over the world and sure it never disappoints with its taste nor appearance. Sushi is being widely celebrated not only in Japan or Asian countries, it’s a huge hit among the Americans and Britishers as well. Travel is never complete without tasting the local cuisine and Japan is one of the largest technology hubs in the world and a huge tourist attraction, Sushi is sold like hot cakes in Japan. It would be really hard to find a restaurant proving Sushi on the weekend because it would be mostly sold out by early evenings, such as the demand for this food. Also in Japan, there are different tastes of Sushi available, as each state in Japan serves its customized way of cooking Sushi. It will never be possible for a traveler to taste all the different types of Sushi in Japan, but though could try the prominent ones and cherish the taste for a lifetime.

Sushi Health Benefits:

As Sushi is made out of a lot of vegetables and raw fish, it has got numerous energy sources required for the human body. It has got huge protein content which is good for muscle building and muscle repair. Also, it has got Omega-3 fatty acids which have lots and lots of benefits to human bodies such as reducing the risk of heart diseases and increasing good cholesterol levels. It also reduces bad cholesterol levels. It has got a large composition of antioxidants which is again really good for the human body’s health. It has also got some unhealthy benefits as well because deep-fried vegetables and fish are also being used which is not good. Mayo- Sauce is also not good, as it increases cholesterol levels. Moreover, the important disadvantage is that the fish are served raw, where it has a great risk of carrying parasites that could harm our body, Usually, the raw fishes are frozen under a very cold temperature before serving it as Sushi, thereby killing the parasites and other germs which could deteriorate a human body. So altogether Sushi is high in nutrition and got a lot of health benefits. It is also used by many for dieting, as consuming Sushi will not put on weight and even helps to maintain the ideal weight.