The McGurk effect arises when there is a contradiction between visual speech, which refers to mouth and lip movements, and auditory speech, which refers to the sounds that a person hears. It can also lead to the perception of a completely different message. Women show stronger effects of the McGurk effect than men. Infants can also get influenced by the McGurk effect. The most challenging interpretation of the McGurk effect is that it is impossible for responses that the observer gives to correspond to actual regulation. Mcgurk Effect is considered in situations where an increase in the proportion of responses according to acoustic components decreases/ or the fusion of responses increases.

The Mcgurk Effect – Psychology

The McGurk effect is a cross-modal illusion caused by conflicting information from various senses, specifically sight, and hearing. It is also called reacting to action in a particular way. For example, being sarcastic or giving a taunt to someone and getting an observer’s response to it. The high effect is due to the fact that this is a powerful instance of multi-sensory integration. Illusions have been termed, McGurk effect. So when integration does not occur the observer perceives separate components and can choose a response according to his choice to what he has heard or he has seen. Psychologically we can say that human’s five senses are to collaborate independently. Therefore we can argue that sense unties to allow the mind to understand the world better and in a good way.

Mcgurk Effect Example

The best psychological example of the McGurk effect is when hearing the syllable ‘dada’ which is the syllable baba dubbed on to gaga. This act of lip-reading usually occurs unconsciously. The result is different from every word spoken. So this process is called speech perception. The psychological cause of McGurk arises due to multi-sensory integration. Even studies by McGurk and McDonald say that lip reading can be misread, even though they don’t measure speech reading performance.

Internal Factors For Mcgurk Effect
  1. Damages
  2. Disorders – Bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, Language learning disease, Autism spectrum disease
External Factors For Mcgurk Effect
  • Cross dubbing
  • Mouth visibility
  • Gender
  • Self influence


The McGurk effect is a great way to learn more about multi-sensory integration in speech perception. The main messages of this opinion paper are, first, that the McGurk effect should be defined as a change in auditory perception caused by incongruent visual speech, such that observers hear a different speech sound than the voice uttered. Second, that the perceptual properties of the acoustic medium should be defined as the perceptual properties of the acoustic medium should be defined as perceptual properties of the acoustic medium should be defined as perceptual and when understanding the McGurk effect as a reflection of integration, it’s important to consider the visual stimulus components.