In today’s world, youth finds it more complicated and exhausting to study or read things, they prefer visuals/videos than going through the books. But reading books make things clearer and simpler for the disciplines. Sometimes, reading can be someone’s hobby, a way of distraction or just a means to reduce stress. Browsing books open new words to us. The more we read the more we get familiar with different words and the more vocabulary improves, the better we can convey our thoughts and feelings.

There are two different types of books. All the books are classified as either fictional or non-fictional and within these two kinds, you will find different specific types of genres.
They are categorized as – classic, comic, fantasy, historical, horror, mystery etc.,
All you have to do is find a suitable book to read. While starting a novel or a book the first thing came in mind that, ”how to select the right book ?”
So always read what you like – Never regret or apologize for your reading test. Discover your interest or reading style – like what kind of genres suits you, what thrills you!
Or less you can seek for the guidance or the recommendations of your friends.

Cut short there is no pitfall/drawback in reading. It provides knowledge and improves memory. Some books give a new way to life, different perspective or motive to one’s life (biographies).
Research suggests that people who indulge their brain in reading suffers less from Alzheimer and dementia as it improves the recalling capacity.
Reading relaxes our sense influences our body. It brings positivity in the individual. Sitting idle, browsing phone, surfing the net makes us feel unproductive or unwanted, but reading not only makes us feel happy but also helps to feel good about ourself, that we are utilizing our time in right direction. You cannot make reading a habit overnight but as nothing can be achieved overnight but a due course of it does create an effect so same goes with reading , regular reading habit can become your eternal hobby.

If you have ever read a book then only you will understand the pleasure and satisfaction it provides . Books are not only for knowledge but they also build individual’s growth and development. Books are person’s best friend and you will never feel annoyed and lonely if you allow it to be your friend . Reading increases creativity and imaginations. It opens new worlds to people . If a person starts reading in very young age it nurtures the person to be a writer because he develops himself according to it ; he always opens his mind to new things and adventure , it sparkles imagination .

Reading helps people to understand things differently .
Reading is the most important thing in our life hence we should make it our daily habit , therefore it’s very beneficial and will help you for sure to understand things differently and nicely.