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Personality Development 

Personality begins early in childhood and continues to develop throughout one’s lifetime, according to the prevalent opinion in personality psychology. Individual variations in disposition and behavior are thought to have a basis in baby temperament, which means that individual differences in disposition and behavior occur…

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Momos Recipe: Dim Sum Recipe 

Nepal especially is the greatest destination to get the tastiest Momos. Vegetable momos at Hot Stimulating Cafe in Darjeeling and Gourmet Rice Flour Momos at Shuffle Momos in Gangtok are the best momos in India. What are the ingredients to make Veg Momos? DOUGH PREPARATION:…

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8 Benefits of Journaling 

Improves the communication skills When someone keeps a diary, they learn to express themselves more clearly. This makes it easier to convey one’s sentiments to others. The more self-aware one gets, the easier it is to communicate with others. Writing facilitates clear thought, which facilitates…