Other than being one of the longest-standing governments throughout the entire existence of humanity, the British Royal Family has likewise been a wellspring of the world’s generally shocking and disputable features todate. That being said, while numerous occasions from Edward VIII’srelinquishment to Prince Charles infidelity have become visible with real evidence and have been proven with no remaining details, numerous such events are yet to be solved and have a ton of speculations attached to it.

This article will drive to through the world of conspiracy theory. Get ready to read the top 7 conspiracy theories that are related to British Royal Family. Here we go:

1. Queen Elizabetht I was a man

Known to have crushed the Spanish Armada during her rule, Queen Elizabeth I was one of the longest prevailing rulers in British history after the current Queen Elizabeth II. Albeit not totally a paranoid fear, but rather the possibility of the Queen being a male fraud has been highly bantered about consistently. This theory was first presented in a book called Famous Imposters by Bram Stoker, writer of the bookDracula“. As indicated by him, the genuine Queen Elizabeth had passed on at an early age because of a plague. Notwithstanding, to keep away from the anger of King Henry VIII, Elizabeth’s guardians chose to replace her with a comparatively mature kid.

As per this theory, Queen Elizabeth I became sick and died at a very young age. To replace the dead young lady, her overseers tracked down a nearby kid who they made look like her to her dad, King Henry VIII. The kid then, at that point stayed in Elizabeth’s situation for the remainder of his life.

The theory was at first advanced as a clarification for Elizabeth’s virtue and solid initiative, however, today is recognized as simple misogyny, as per the Royal Museums Greenwich.

2. Princess Diana’s death in a car accident was a murder orchestrated by the British Royal Family.

Maybe the most far-reaching modern conspiracy theory about the British Royal Family concerns the demise of Princess Diana in 1997. A worshiped individual from the royal family, Lady Diana Spencer wedded Prince Charles in 1981 to become a Princess Diana. Known as “The People’s Princess,” Diana was dearest by the subjects of the British crown.

Diana and Prince Charles separated in 1996, and Diana’s life reached an overwhelming conclusion on August 31, 1997, as per the report published. The Associated Press later detailed that a large number of worldwide examinations reasoned that both Diana and her sweetheart Dodi Fayed had died from wounds following a sad alcoholic driving mishap.

Soon after, speculations arose that her passing was an assassination — some people claimed, that it was the grimy work of Prince Philip,another individual from the royal family, or even Prince Charles himself. The motive? To keep Diana from wedding Fayed, a Muslim, and bringing forth his youngster, as indicated by the conspiracy theory.

Albeit the princess had theorized in a letter about her being in harm’s way, as indicated by the Associated Press, there is no proof that she was pregnant at that point or considering marriage with Fayed.

3. Secret love child of Princess Margaret

Enthusiasts of The Crown will realize that Princess Margaret was romantically engaged with divorcé Peter Townsend before she wedded Antony Armstrong. Their relationship began in 1947 during the royal visit through South Africa when King George VI and the Queen Mother went through 90 days visiting alongside then-Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret. Townsend was appointed Comptroller of the Household for the Queen Mother during this time.

one of the notable papers detailed that a man named Robert Brown professed to be the adoration offspring of Margaret and Townsend. Brought into the world in Kenya in 1955, Brown said that he had “since quite a while ago looked for a reaction” to his inquiries and was had to speak to the High Court to have his case investigated. As per the Inner source, in 2014 Brown “won a High Court triumph in his fight to see” Princess Margaret’s will, which he accepted would name him. The publication detailed that Brown asserts the “princess furtively brought forth him in January 1955.”

4. Jack the Ripper was Queen Victoria’s grandson Prince Albert Victor.

In the years after the infamous Jack the Ripper murders occurred in London in the last part of the 1800s, some presumed Prince Albert Victor (otherwise called Prince Eddy) of having committed the severe killings, yet nothing was at any point proven. However, as indicated by an Inner source, a surgeon who said he knew the identity of the executioner died in 1970 and guaranteed Jack the Ripper was “a scion of an honorable family.”

The surgeon’s child burned his dad’s papersbefore anybody could read and understand them, so the secret of Jack the Ripper’spersonality may never be solved.

5. The Duke of Kent was murdered in a plane crash.

Prince George, Duke of Kent, and siblingsof King George VI and Edward VIII (who wedded Wallis Simpson) passed on in 1942.When his plane went down, he was serving in World War II. Connivance scholars accept that the prince was killed, particularly as he caused such a lot of controversy all through his lifetime.

As indicated by a published report, the duke was known for his cocaine propensity, myriad affairs with both men and women, and backing of Hitler. The theory acquired footing after the sole survivor of the plane crash “signed an Official Secret Act”prohibiting him from uncovering any insights regarding what happened during the mishap.

6. The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is part of a British strategyto take control of America.

As indicated by a published report, one conspiracy theory recommends that Prince Harry wedded Meghan Markle just so Britain can recover power in America. Twitchy editor Greg Pollowitz began the flippant “rumor” with this tweet on November 27, 2017, the day Harry and Meghan reported their commitment: “Prince Harry’s children will be Americans. Consider the possibility that one grows up to be president and is in line for the seat simultaneously. Brits are playing long-ball here, yet it’s a shrewd move. They need America back and this is the way they’ll do it.”

7. Princess Diana and Prince Charles had a daughter who was kept hidden from the public eye.

According to a story which was published in 2014 proposed that Princess Diana and Prince Charles had a secret girl, considered through IVF, who was brought into the world before Prince William. As per the weird theories, when Princess Diana needed to visit a gynecologist before the wedding Prince Charles to affirm that she was fertile, the doctor took a portion of her eggs.

The doctor purportedly fertilized the eggs with Prince Charles’ sperm, and afterward had his wife convey the child, whom they called Sarah. A report published in 2018revealed that Sarah was purportedly “ousted to prevent the outrageous truth from hitting headlines.” The report likewise included an alleged photograph of Sarah, who looks a great deal like Diana with a substantial portion of Photoshop.