VanMoof is an electric bike company started in the Netherlands, 2009. With the vision of building perfect city bike, VanMoof entered the market. This bike has two main models. There’s the s3 for folks 5’8 taller and the x3 for folks who are on the shorter side. Both models have the same features. The differences they come across are frame size, wheel size, and the shape of the handlebars.

VanMoof x3 is probably one of the many reasons why this bike caught attention within the month. While riding the bike, You will get compliments from even strangers. Unless someone notices, there’s no telling it’s an e-bike because it doesn’t look like one at all. VanMoof X3 has gone through heights to keep things minimum as possible. There are only two visible wires that both lead to its hydraulic disc brakes. The frame is formed of aluminum with a powder coating to offer it a soft matte finish.
The company promises that it has been designed tough enough to last a lifetime. The mechanism is built into the crossbar may be a matrix in-frame display that shows things like battery and lock status and therefore the speed underneath. There’s a speaker reset button and a charger. The battery is tucked away within the diagonal bar, and can be removed only for service VanMoof has two models- matte black and a lovely shade of blue.

The grips on the handlebar will feel good and don’t leave any residue on the hands. It has also got integrated lights that you can switch on or off via the app or have them turn on automatically when it gets dark. The tires are puncture-proof. The wheel comes with fenders to guard against splashes. The drivetrain is fully enclosed. There’s an automatic chain tensioning system. To get started, you need to download the VanMoof app and create an account. Then you proceed to register the bike and set up the unlock code.
In every aspect, the VanMoof x3 feels like a piece of tech, from the built-in matrix display to over-the-air updates for its Smart cartridge to apple’s find my network being built-in to its companion app. From the app, you can look into your bike’s last location. You can also see how much charge it has left the track all your rides and dive into custom settings. The bike rides well and rides quietly like its competitors. There’s no front or rear suspension, so you’ll feel potholes, especially when given the bike’s weight. Do not worry about speed bumps because the seat is comfy with shock-absorbing foam to minimize the perfect bumps. The hydraulic brakes work well, even when the road is wet from the rain.

In the app you can go in and set how much assist you want from zero to four and whenever you’re on the bike, if you need that extra push, there’s the turbo boost button built into the right handlebar with boost depending on what regulations are like where you live the bike’s max speed is limited herein. If your battery is dead, you can still use the bike but, without the assist, the bike has a digital bell built-in, and it can be very loud. There are three built-in bell tones. One area where they can improve is, maybe, by bundling an analog belt because once your battery is dead, there’s no way to manually honk your horn. They could’ve added a rear light blink or change color to signify that you’ve hit the brakes. The VanMoof battery is designed to last for about 37 miles in full power mode and about 93 miles in eco mode. VanMoof X3 weighs 48.5 pounds, that’s about 22 kilos. It’s heavy, so we cannot carry it upstairs or anywhere possible. They sell power banks that can be attached to your bike, which will extend up to 20 miles. But it’s easily removable. That way, you can park your bike downstairs and take the battery pack up to charge this power bank. VanMoof covers tons of security features to lock the bike. You can use the app as long as you are connected via Bluetooth. Or you can enter your pin code by pressing the button on the left handlebar upon unlocking. Once locked, the bike will growl at anyone who tries to move it. A skull also will flash on the matrix display. The alarm will get louder for the second time. If a thief persists, it enters the third face that notifies both you and VanMoof that your bike has been stolen. Another thing is that the wheels can’t easily be stolen, as they require a proprietary tool to remove. A sim card is embedded inside the bike for privacy reasons. It’s deactivated by default but once your bike is marked as lost, it starts pinging its location to you every time it passes by a cell tower. If you pay for VanMoof, 398 dollars for three years of service, they guarantee that they will retrieve your bikes in two weeks or less or they will replace your bike with something similar.

VanMoof is available in at least 50 cities and has showrooms in all top cities in the world including Berlin, London, Paris, and Tokyo. They currently retail for 22.98. Shipping time changes depending on the model and color. If you are looking for a pedal-assisted bike. Go for VanMoof x3. I know that $2300 is a lot to pay for a bike but if you think about how much you spend per year on uber rides, it’s worth the investment. VanMoof x3 is very similar in that every little detail is well thought out. It is a bike that has a good complement of apps, accessories, and services.