The below content is regarding the comparison of white rice vs brown rice. As you all know white rice is refined and is white, whereas brown rice is brown/ red. Both have their pros and cons. Most of us know that brown rice is more beneficial than white rice, as we have heard about it a lot, word of mouth and have also read in many articles. But here, we would be understanding all the aspects in them. At first, white rice has a higher glycemic index meaning it could spike your insulin level rapidly and thereby gaining more power for us. So white rice would be the priority for all sportsmen and women and also for bodybuilders who are working out in the gym, as it would help them in gaining muscle mass and grow big biceps & triceps, which are the primary concerns for every man bodybuilder. Not only rice, but all grains are also very much required for every human being, as they provide us fiber, carbohydrates, and several B-vitamins. People who are depleted of these nutrients in their body are advised to take vitamin tablets by doctors, which have the nutrients of grains, but in a larger composition. Also, brown rice is no short of white rice, in terms of benefits gained, even it has more nutrients than any other grains. Because in south India, rice is a daily mandate meal at least once a day, so taking brown rice in that case, is very good for the metabolism of the body.

Rice vs brown rice:

Brown sugar has a lower glycemic index when compared to white rice, hence the insulin spike after consumption is very low. So, brown rice is the best-preferred grain for diabetics, to aid in controlling their blood sugar levels. Allopathy doctors have started selling brown rice in their pharmacies and advising their diabetic patients to buy and consume it. The reason behind doctors selling brown rice and no other grains in their pharmacy is that because brown rice is an expensive grain and they obtain profit by selling it. For a healthy individual or a sports person, white rice is advisable, because it gives quick and long-lasting energy which aids them in their day-to-day activities. India’s famous bodybuilder, Thakur Anoop Singh has even admitted in an interview that he takes only processed grain which is white rice rather than brown rice because it helps to maintain his muscle mass from not losing. Rice vs brown rice, the main factor is that brown rice is not processed finely whereas white rice is finely processed, removing its husk. Though the refined process involved for white rice is higher, the cost of the brown rice is higher than white rice. For gym-goers, white rice and brown rice both are preferred, depending upon their reason for gym, if one is for reducing weight, then the individual should opt for brown rice and if the individual is looking to bulk muscles, then they should go for white rice. This way, white rice wins the race, as it could be consumed with a lot of curry recipes, and a lot of recipes can also be made out of white rice. Brown rice lacks in taste and doesn’t go well with most south Indian curry recipes. But if one is cautious in not letting their weight blow up and keep their body metabolism more active, then brown rice is preferred, though it tastes bad. The best white rice brand preferred by athletes, bodybuilders, and other sports personalities is India Gate rice, which is sponsored by most of the sponsors of prominent Indian sports personalities.

Health benefits of rice:

Brown rice is good for heart patients and also lessens the risk of heart diseases for healthy individuals, as it has less fat and more fiber. White rice has more fat and less fiber, which is not good for heart patients. Brown rice has bran and germs which is beneficial for gym-goers and white rice lacks that both. For individuals, who would stop gyming in the future for any reason, would put on weight if they consume white rice and do no exercise. Brown rice helps in maintaining the weight even if they have stopped working out, as it has a lot of fiber in it. Brown rice also lessens the risk so diabetes for people, because in the current scenario, everyone is affected by diabetes owing to a lot of stress and unhealthy eating. Brown rice or any other grains in daily food meals would highly reduce the risk of diabetes, heart diseases, and other cholesterol problems.

To conclude finally, brown rice is the most preferred rice or grain than white rice owing to its multiple beneficial factors for less healthy people. As it is good for diabetics, heart patients, and old age people. Also, it is good for gym-goers, who would like to stay in the same shape for an extended period and maintain their weight. White rice is more preferred for bodybuilders, athletes, and sports personalities, as it spikes the insulin level, thereby increasing energy level. Energy is an important source for any sportsperson to do well and keep them active for a longer duration. But it is not advisable for unhealthy patients, as it has a lot of fat and less fiber. Another important point to be mentioned regarding rice is the digestion factor. White rice wins that because it gets digested quicker than brown rice and also tastes better than brown rice. Digestion is a key factor for gym-goers, as once the food is digested and when the energy is obtained in the blood, then only they get the necessary energy to perform. Concerning digestion alone, it is good for old age people as well, because it would help in quick digestion, but it’s not good for their health. So, it’s up to one’s desire and requirements, one could choose the type of grain or rice and include it in their daily recipes.